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                People-oriented enterprises, talent is the double of the first productivity, along with the continuous development of enterprises, long-term and invited to join the elite of all. To give you an opportunity to succeed, give you a beyond the self stage -- double up to with you there for a betterfuture, realize self value and social value.
                Talent concept: equal competition, survival of the fittest, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, give full scope to the talents
                Interpretation: equality, this is for all applicants are diligently strive after. With such an environment and atmosphere, the competition will be fair. In the growth of talent, most people expect of it in this. Double up with this in mind, the equal competition, survival of the fittest, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, give full scope to the talents as the concept of talents, the purpose is to follow the normal rules of growth of talent, everyone in a common starting line up competition; at the same time, the talent not demanding, raise its long, G and its short, in full play their role at the same time help they better growth. With such a talent, the talent growing environment, also can give full scope to the talents target; while in the dual can master the, also can form all hope useful, everyone can become a good atmosphere, enter benign loop.
                Shuangkeda Provide a broad development space," light let, person, Yongzhe, not to stick to one pattern" talent mechanism, excellent working environment and competitive salary and look forward to your joining.
                 Contact:Miss Dong     Tel:0571-82269932
                Time Position Number Requirements  
                Fax:0571-82267808 82269972
                Add:Add:Xiangli Industrial Park, Heshang Town, Xiaoshan District, Hanghzou,  Zhejiang, China
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