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                The cornerstones of company development
                Company value : social responsibility;
                Company spirit: Dragon travels globally, with bless covering across the world—Benefits
                Operating principal: cooperative and pragmatic, innovative and pioneering
                Product concept: exquisite life source from Shuangkeda dedicates to devote every family
                Service concept: quality, credit, time keeping, science, high efficiency, cooperation, innovation
                Company objective: set foot on pipeline industry, grow fast; to be strong, doing fine, and to be innovative;
                Company wish: To be leading company in international competitive pipeline industry
                Management strategy: On the basis of high-end product positioning, combing with long-term development experience, Shuangkeda make systematic schedule on future strategy, and makes out “seven management strategies”。
                Quality operation: Put quality management on top priority. Persist in lean management concept of “enhancing connotation” and “tightening inner management”. Promote product quality, assets quality, management quality, service quality etc one steps upwards;
                Scale operation: Collect all products element; make enterprise operation on basis of group and large-scale strategy. Make full use of our solid strength; integrate various of resource, to maximize the unique scale effects;
                Efficiency operation: Make efficiency-improving as final objective, eradicate resolutely “high cost, low efficiency”, effect“low input, high output” management objective;
                Scientific operation: Develop leading projects in the industry which owes independent intellectual property rights and independent brands, promotes rapid adjustment of industrial structure, optimize mode of development, looking for the new economic growth point for the enterprise future, laying a solid foundation for sustainable development of enterprise;
                Talents operation: Absorb widely excellent management, technology talents in the industry, buildemployment mechanism of survival of the fittest;
                Brand operation: Insist brandname strategy, expand building further brandname and accumulate continuously intangible assets, promote enterprise grow in health and continuous way;
                Cooperative management: Utilize existing brandname influence; Call on further top quality upstream suppliers, competitive downstream cooperative business partner to join us.
                Fax:0571-82267808 82269972
                Add:Add:Xiangli Industrial Park, Heshang Town, Xiaoshan District, Hanghzou,  Zhejiang, China
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